Our fees are based on the value of time spent on each assignment. Members of staff are assigned as circumstances warrant so that the costs incurred are appropriate to the particular assignment. 

Accounts will be forwarded as services are completed and payment terms are thirty days from the invoice date. Since the firm is required to finance the costs incurred during the assignment it is our practice to render, from time to time, interim billings against costs incurred to date.

We encourage dialogue in relation to accounts raised, and any concerns that may arise therefrom, however in accordance with general commercial and industry practice we reserve the right to charge interest at the rate fixed in accordance with the Penalty Interest Rates Act (1983) Victoria on the daily balance of any accounts remaining unpaid thirty days after the date of invoice. Should our account remain in arrears we reserve the further right to withdraw our ongoing services.

As fees are based on time spent, we welcome clients to ask what they can do to help reduce the time spent on assignments.